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Golf is one of the good things you could never get enough of. With its ever-intriguing concept, on one hand, the game is also an essential escape for those who love to play it. For many, the game looks all about striking a ball into a hole when looking at it, but there is too much the audience is missing on, that only the players are able to enjoy. The calculated aim, analysis of the environment, timed swings and upon successful scores, the sense of accomplishment, is a bundle of adventure that no other game might offer. 

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However, despite its fabulous design, a Golf session can be quite difficult to schedule due to its vast dependence on weather conditions. Similarly, enthusiasts often get deprived of their favorite game due to the unavailability of Golf courses, busy schedules, and budget-related problems.

Fortunately, Rain or Shine Golf stepped into the market with a very brief solution to all these problems, which has ever since trended in the Golf industry and caught wide global attention as well.

In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know about Rain or Shine Golf, and their immersive Golf Simulation products.

An introduction to Rain or Shine

Rain or Shine is specialized in selling a wide range of golf simulation products. As depicted by the name already, the company provides its customers with the opportunity to enjoy their favorite game whenever and wherever they want regardless of the weather conditions. The modern simulation products are also greatly convenient and easy to set-up which is ideal for many golfers who never get the time to enjoy golf due to busy schedules.

A long time before Rain or Shine, golf simulators were considered a luxury preference by the elites. Although these simulators were extremely expensive, they were not as cost-effective but rather a scheme to extort money from the rich. Luckily, things have not been the same since Rain or Shine landed the market with simulators that fit budgets of all kinds. Whether you own a multi-billion dollar firm or not, you can own a simulator of your own without losing a kidney.


Why Rain or Shine

Golf requires consistency and practice and since golf courses cannot be accessible on daily basis, players usually use training aids to help them train at home. However, most of these products are backed by companies with little or no experience in the field of golf, and shopping from these kinds of companies could prove as good as buying liquor from a candy store.

Rain or Shine, on the other hand, has proved itself as a specialized and reliable product distributer thanks to its collaborations with only the well-reputed brands and quality-centered brands. Although the resembles all its competitors in terms of concept, yet the technology sets it apart from a wide margin. Unlike the analog line-ups of equipment offered by dozens of companies in the mainstream market, Rain or Shine offers some very exclusive products including fully-fledged golf simulators, swing monitors, projectable hitting bays, top-quality golf mats, and a number of accessories to make your home-golf setup as realistic and immersive as possible.

Apart from that, the company has done an extremely good job setting up its website. The official website of Rain or Shine is light, engaging, and easy to navigate. The products have been duly categorized and each product has been given a comprehensive description to cover all of its quirks and features to make it easier for the golfers to compare and decide.

Moreover, you do not have to take their word on reliability and cost-efficiency since their website also includes customer reviews from all over the world. Going through only a few of these reviews could be enough for most golfers to believe the promises by Rain or Shine.

Another interesting feature that sets this company apart from its competitors is its amazing customer support. They have allocated a separate tab by the name of “resources”, which is dedicated to providing their customers with a comprehensive series of information and guides for their products. Similarly, F&Qs can be toggled from the bottom of the website which answers most of your burning questions about Rain or Shine and its products. With all of that aside, in case you are still not satisfied or unable to decide, you can contact the company which has dedicated customer services representatives for your guidance.


Products by Rain or Shine

The products by Rain or Shine are available to purchase at their official website. The company offers 5 line-ups each with a distinct role in building your home-golf setup. Namely, these line-ups include Golf Simulators, launch monitors, hitting bays, golf mats, and tech accessories.

1.       Golf Simulators

Simulators are the top-of-the-line products offered by Rain or Shine and for a good reason. The simulators have been designed to create a virtual yet realistic golfing experience. The line-up is comprised of multiple simulators that vary in terms of features and prices.


The SkyTrak Homebay simulator has been designed to deliver all of what Rain or Shine delivers within an affordable price bracket.  Similarly,  the Mevo + Swingbay simulation package has been designed for professional golfers which are richer in features than the SkyTrak with a minor and reasonable difference in price.


 Moving on, we have the Uneekor QED Ignite SwingBay simulation package which offers almost double the number of features and is greater in size as well compared to the previously-mentioned packages. Although the price tag on this one is higher, the extremely realistic and immersive experience delivered makes up for every cent. Last but not least, is the GC2 Swingbay golf simulator package, which is the ultimate option for your home-golf setup. Every feature that is offered in the Uneeker QED Swingbay has been levelled up to the optimum in this package.


2.       Launch Monitors

Using these monitors is the best way to monitor all your stats so that at the end of each session you could reflect on corners that need improvement. Rain or Shine offers 4 launch monitors which vary in terms of cost and features.


The SkyTrak golf launch monitor is the most basic in this category and has been designed for beginner and golfers who are on a budget.  Flightscope Mevo+ is a more advanced launch monitor with two products including Flighscope Mevo and Flightscope X3. Uneekor QED is the next monitor in the list that offers a little more than the previously mentioned products with an addition to its price. Forsight sport GC2 is the ultimate launch monitor which has been designed for professional golfers to keep track of all their stats and records. 



3.       Hitting Bay

Unless you are driven by breaking window panes, you would definitely need a hitting bay when setting up a home-golf setup. Unlike most other companies that sell simple sheets in the name of hitting bays thinking it is all about stopping the balls, Rain or Shine has a variety of hitting bays designed with earnest to withstand extreme force and hence last longer.


The Swingbay golf simulator enclosure is the most basic, yet popular hitting bay available at Rain or Shine which is durable yet inexpensive. The home course retractable golf enclosure is retractable which adds to its versatility and convenience of use.  Swingnet hitting net is the final hitting bay offered by Rain or Shine which serves the same purpose as those previously mentioned.


4.       Golf Mats

Golf mats are as important as any of the other products which are why Rain or Shine was not ready for any compromise on this lineup. Different golf mats offered by the company include the SwingTurf Golf mat, the Country Club Elite Golf Mat, and the Fiber-built launch monitor studio golf mat.


The 30 days Return Policy

When we come across interesting products online, especially those of great value, we usually face a dilemma. Although the online marketing industry has evolved over the past decade, there are still many corners of uncertainties attached to it. This precedent has been set by fraudulent companies which rip their customers off by delivering faulty items and sometimes entirely different items from what they had paid for. Rain or Shine has broken this precedent

This surging trend of betrayal has been shattered by Rain or Shine through its free shipping and 30 days return policy. Through this policy, not only does the company prove its sincerity, but also gives you an option to return in case the products look different than expected or do not suit your needs.


There used to be a time when Golf’s dependence on environmental and scheduling factors used to make it unplayable for many of its enthusiasts. You could be on a business trip on a perfectly sunny day or remain entirely free yet bored on a rainy day. Rain or Shine has redefined the game for many golfers from all around the world. Not only has the game become more accessible, but also easier to practice and to level-up.  




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