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Golf is counted amongst the most well-reputed outdoor games, which is played as well as watched throughout the globe. With a global audience of over 400 million, the popularity of this game has only been seen rising since its inception. Although most of these fans are concentrated in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Canada in particular, it would be unfair to consider it restricted to a specific region. For fans, nothing is better than watching their favorite players launching the ball into the holes whereas for the players, there are much bigger challenges to cope with for an appreciable performance.

Although the game has scored an undoubted popularity among the youth in the recent years, there is one problem that remains a turn-down for a major portion – the costliness. Many cynics criticize golf for being too pricey whereas others believe it to be a sport which is only meant for the elites. These beliefs are correct to some extent since buying golf equipment usually costs an arm and a leg which is responsible for causing a negative impact on players, especially those with thin wallets. However, things have changed drastically since Golf Training Aids stepped into the market with its ever-reliable and cost-effective training aids.



When it comes to buying golf training aids, golf players face often face a dilemma due to the markets being crowded with companies. Nevertheless, Golf Training Aids has proven itself as the only specialist product partner for many professional players. The company is widely famous for maintaining quality and reliability. Based in the USA, Golf Training Aids was founded 30 years ago and has built a sound reputation ever since. The company has succeeded in garnering customers’ loyalty and has thousands of loyal customers around the world. Golf Training Aids has soundly pursued the essence to which it was established, and has been providing its customers with premium golf equipment at incredibly affordable rates.


About the Website:

Before we dive deeper into their products, let’s discuss their website, which in terms of build quality is impressively responsive, and beautifully designed to suit all kinds of audience. Navigation and ordering are pieces of cake even for the non-tech savvy people. Another amazing feature is the cost filter that lets you view products in order of your budget. Apart from that, every product is described in terms of quirks and features.

At Golf Training Aids, you can also make your account which is as easy as pie. All you need to do is provide the basic information, and run a quick email confirmation. You may also contact the customer support in case you need help since Golf Training Aids has a team specially assigned to assist its customers. Just leave a question, and they will contact you as soon as possible. For a better insight, you can also read reviews of other customers, as “it is always helpful to hear something straight from the horse’s mouth”.

Golf Training Aids offers an extensive range of golf equipment. From full swing aids to golf balls and gloves, everything is available at their online marketplace. Want to get things at an even more discounted price? They have you covered! Just sign up and make your account to get exclusive discounts. Cool! Isn’t it?

In terms of cost, each of the products has a surprisingly reasonable price. Unlike the company’s far expensive rivals, Golf Training Aids wants to serve the sports and sportspeople. You can put the products in a side-by-side comparison with the other expensive products, and the products by Golf Training Aids would win by an absolute landslide. That is what makes this company reliable.



Here are some interesting products offered by Golf Training Aids:


Full Swing Aids:

Full swing aids come into their own when it comes to training for a full swing. One can’t just go and hit a full swing on day one without having his hands on full swing aids. It is simply not everyone’s cup of tea. For rookies, these products are the best of both worlds as they are greatly helpful in practicing for full swings.

Some of the full swing aids include alignment rods, balance rods, Chiliwacker plane training tool, Collapsible alignment rods, color path golf pro training kit and swing path kit, Connect4power connection trainer, and many more. Some of these products are available in multiple colors. Apart from that, you can avail discounts if you buy a whole pack.


Short Game Aids:

Medium and close-range shots are as important as long-range shots where accuracy is highly important. This is where short game aids come in handy. They help you achieve your short and medium-range targets. These are helpful for players of all levels. Players who have these short game aids rarely miss out on their close-range targets.

The top-notch products for short game aids include Airgolf flyer ball, Chip Fix Chipping Impact trainer, Chip stix, Chip trainer short game improvement system, Chipping Pro, Chippo golf backyard Tailgate Cornhole game, eGolfring set, and many others. Buy products in packs to earn more discounts.


Putting Products:

Putting is not as easy as it may look. Many players are good at full swings but lack putting skills. It requires practice and knowledge to put the ball correctly. You have to hit on the sweet spot of the ball to put the ball into the hole. Sounds difficult? That is where putting aids come into play. Players who have putting aids have an ace up their sleeves. Use them to master the skill of putting.

Putting products include 100% Pure Stroke sweet spot finder, 5Footer, Accelerator Putting Mats, Accu-Roll putting trainer, Arc Glider, Ball HOG, and the list goes on. And yes, you can have products in different colours.


Nets, Mats, Balls & Targets:

These are the other accessories that you need to play golf. Every product comes with a few perks. They all are very useful as the ultimate goal is to make you a pro golfer.  All products ensure the best in quality and have military-level durability.

These products include 5-star Gorilla Golf Mat, 5-star Perfect reACTION Wood Tee Golf Mats, PVC range targets, Spornia SPG-97 Golf Practice Net, and many more. Visit the website to see the entire list.


Fitness & Distance:



Fitness is as important as skills. The right level of fitness combined with practice is the key to the best results. Where you need a touch to put the ball into the hole, you also need to hit the ball with might to get the ball launching. Get the fitness and distance products to be able to smash the ball.

Fitness and distance products include Grip pro hand strengthener, Power stik power trainer, Power whip, PowerSwing Plus, SuperSpeed Golf Sets, Swing Caddy and Swing Caddy Pro, and dozens of other products.


The Wishlist and Cart:

You can make your wishlist at Golf Training Aids. It is a list of products that you want to purchase in future. This feature comes in handy when it comes to keeping a record of the products. You would not have to go through the hassle of searching the products again and again.

When you’ve decided on which product you want to purchase, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to finish the purchase. Another neat thing here is that there are multiple payment methods for your ease. Seriously, online shopping was never this hassle-free.


Customer Care Service:

This company goes above and beyond just offering products. At Golf Training Aids, a team of customer care has always got your back. They are passionate about serving you. Just leave a question, and they will come up with the most viable solution. Returns and exchange policy are also customer-friendly, and the company happily accepts the returns and exchanges if it’s their fault.


Customer Reviews:

Golf Training Aids has happy customers from all over the world. Here are a few reviews from those customers.

“ Golf Training Aids has long been my favorite golf training aids company. Their expertise, professionalism and commitment to customer service make them first in class in this industry. “- says Henry Brunton.

“ I have always found the staff at Golf Training Aids to be extremely helpful and courteous when it comes to my orders. I consider them a one-stop-shop for my training aids needs.”- says Eric Alpenfels.



Golf Training Aids has been serving the golf industry for 30 years. Not only have they been committed to providing premium quality products at reasonable prices but also received a mass of positive response from the customers. They always tend to amaze their customers with sales and discounts now and then. Moreover, there are products for players of all levels, and they’d certainly float your boat. Visit the website now, and get the products to take your golf experience up a notch. 

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